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Do they take credit or debt cards?

Not Discover Card but otherwise yes.

What time do they open on weekdays

My favorite Italian restaurant!!!

Wish they would add this to Grub hub,I'd order all the time, Or if they did delivery! I love their food


can you have a private party at Armstrongs of at least 50 people?

I've only been there once, but the place sure looked like it could easily handle that.

Do you offer grub hub?

Yes they do

Are reservations required?

Reservations are not required, and if you do not take them. However, they offer a call ahead service which lets you put your name on the list for a table before you get there. just the same as with the list, if you are not there when they call your name, they will move on to the next person.

Can I order a gift card to Armstrong's and sent to me, so I can send it to the recepient?

You can call the restaurant, pay over the phone, they can mail it to you. Then you can send wherever you desire.

Do you have Coke or Pepsi?


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